Autistica – Insight Group

I am a member of the Autistica Insight Group and help manage academic research that benefits the autistic and neurodiverse communities. I also am on the steering committees of two important studies to benefit autistic communities. Find Autistica at

I co-chaired a panel during Autistica’s 2020 Research Festival. The topic was ‘Quality of life, stress and wellbeing’. Find this event here on youtube:

Autscape – Chair

I chaired five events at Autscape 2020, including talks and discussion groups. More information as soon as I have it.

Simply Equality Podcast

In March 2021, Sarah Stephenson-Hunter invited me onto her podcast, The Simply Equality podcast, which focuses on the intersection between queerness and disability. Have a listen below, or on Sarah’s host site:

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Autistic Conflict Resolution

Autistic people are vulnerable to being involved in conflicts, both with other autistics and with our neurotypical peers because of our innate differences to them. Conflict resolution is difficult between anyone, but the intuitive strategies commonly used are not fit for purpose with autistic people. I am highly experienced in resolving conflicts with and between autistic people. Please contact me if you have questions.

Personal Assistant/Mentorship

I am currently working as an autistic mentor and autistic PA, on top of my work as an educator. Please contact me if you want to find out more.

Neurodiversity in Publishing Network

I am involved in the Neurodiversity in Publishing network. If you are a writer who identifies as neurodiverse or a neurodiverse publishing professional, contact Lydia and myself on