An image of Jorik, a white 33-year old autistic gay with soft hair, glasses and an expression of baffled hilarity on his face.

Monday 27th September 2021: On Mentalisation and Health Care Barriers

CW: Discussions of Borderline personality disorders and medical mistreatment. It’s another ranty one! Hello everyone! Thanks for the lovely reactions to last week’s blog. It’s good to be back. I want to talk about something that, to me, is how to do storytelling well: a personal experience that signifies those of an entire community. I...

Monday 17th May 2021: On Operations, Medical Misunderstandings and Outcomes

CW: descriptions of operations, medical language and trauma; medical abuse, institutional ableism, descriptions of systemic failure and disabled people being the victims of this Hi everyone! Apologies first of all about last week’s blog’s date being incorrect. When I found out about it today, I couldn’t change it. That was a bit annoying, but I...

Jorik and Carebear Smiling

Monday 7th May 2021 – Autistic at Times of Covid-19: Covid-vaccines! Or: how to neurodiversify research.

CW: Medical research, descriptions of physical illness. Hi everyone! I hope you’ve been doing great. I’ve really appreciated being able to prepare my blog in the week, too, so I don’t feel too caught out if I am severely lacking in spoons on a Sunday. Don’t worry, though, I’ll still post them on the day...

Painting of Jorik with tiger, in watercolour, by Jack Leto

Monday 3rd May 2021: Autistic at Times of Covid-19 – On Teeming

CW: discussions of violence, radicalisation, homophobia and extreme-rightwing ideology. Hi everyone, Phew! It’s been three weeks! Far too long, I know. My partner had an operation two weeks ago and then I had the Covid vaccine Friday before last. I promise that this will be it for any unexpected medical reasons for the blog not...

Sunday 11th April 2021 – Autistic at Times of Covid-19: DNR Orders + Links

Hi everyone! I wasn’t going to write a blog today. But, unfortunately, something’s come up that meant I had to write something now and get it out. Bonny Hazelwood, a neurodivergent journalist, contacted me today regarding a petition, on the issue of Do Not Resuscitate Orders and autistic/learning disabled people. Find her website here:

A white man (Jorik) wearing glasses and headphones around his neck. He is also wearing a black hoodie and red t-shirt. He is holding up a packet of Ontbijtkoek and wears a quizzical expression.

Sunday 4th April 2021 – Autistic at Times of Covid-19: Autistic and… Dutch?

UPDATE: 31/05/2021A friend contacted me with a few notes about their points, which I unintentionally misrepresented. I apologise for a. making that mistake and b. taking so long to fix it. I will amend the points changed with italicised additions. Hi everyone, Hope you’re all enjoying Easter/Pesach or, simply, an excuse to have a quiet...

An image of a 19th century French prison where the prisoners are lectured to on the evils of alcoholism. The prisoners are in small body-sized boxed with a hole for their heads. They are stacked up. step-wise, in lecture hall-style.

Sunday 28th March 2021 – Autistic at Times of Covid-19: On Institutional Barriers and Cynicism – 1

Hi everyone. So today I’m talking about my idea that the thing that’s holding back the autistic rights movement is the very institutions of society. The basic building blocks of 21st century Britain is what’s destroying our lives and even the people who seek to do good within the system do more harm despite what...

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