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Autistic at Times of Covid-19 – Sunday 11th October 2020: On Executive Function and Co-morbid Neurodivergences #1

Hi everyone! Apologies for the lack of a blog the past two weekends. Two weeks ago, I was celebrating my partner’s 25th birthday with trips to Bath and Oxford on subsequent days. Last weekend I was so tired I couldn’t speak. I tried to write a blog but I didn’t make enough sense to push...

Autistic in Times of Covid-19 – 2nd August 2020: On Preparation

Hi everybody! This week I’m taking a break from talking about depression in order to focus on a more executive function-related topic: preparation. How do I, as an autistic person, prepare for potentially stressful situations? I haven’t found a lot in the literature about autistic preparation strategies, though I’m happy to be proven wrong. As...

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Autistic in Times of Covid-19: Sunday 26th July – Back in the Game + On Depression #1

Note: 27th July 2020 – I was given some very useful feedback about the references. I have removed a source that according to a scientist friend was harder to justify than the other sources. Hi everyone. I’ve been away for over a month. This is because of a depressive episode I’ve spent the past few...

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