Monday 29th August 2022: Edinburgh and Beyond

Hi everybody! Yes, it’s been so very long. But it was with good reason. I needed the time to recuperate since I was also working full-time. The work was fun, the students were great, the person I worked with directly was a total hero. However, it was everything else that drained me. Instead of calling...

An image showing the front end of Jorik's bed, with a variety of cuddly toys along the headboard and on top of the pillows. It looks pretty dang comfortable.

Monday 20th September 2021: On Burnout (and Worse)

CW: discussions of trauma and self-harm, as well as an autistic person being a bit of a moron. If that’s too much, then have a look at my bed in our wonderful new house! Category is: Passport says 33, but you’re secretly five. Hi everyone, It’s been a hot minute since my last blog. I’m...

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