Announcement: Feeling Fast and Slow

Hi everyone, Ok, so this blog came a little bit faster than I anticipated. I have big news to share. I have just signed my contract for a non-fiction book with Jessica Kingsley Publisher’s, hopefully in bookshops and online retailers for late Spring/early Summer 2024. It’s called Feeling Fast and Slow, or, at least, that’s...

An image with the book cover of Silverstein and Picano's The Joy of Gay Sex, but a shirtless Jorik holds two fingers over the word 'Gay' and, in post, has added 'Autistic' to it.

Monday 28th March 2022: Sex and relationships 1: Gender and Sexuality Conference + Poetry + Sex Education for Autistics

Hi everyone! Two days late, but you know. It’s fine. Also, it’s a massive blog. Look at it. I’m talking about sex today. Yes, autistic people can have sex, and incredible sex at that. We have sexual desire and we are just as likely as neurotypicals to want, need or desire sex. However, we are...

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