Monday 7th November 2022: Autistic and… In Therapy?

Hello everybody, Yup, this blog was supposed to be published in September. Then in October, twice. It wasn’t. I was exhausted last weekend, the week before also, after doing a speaking event and the week before was also bit of a mess. For the first one this November, I’m going to go for one a...

A white man (Jorik) wearing glasses and headphones around his neck. He is also wearing a black hoodie and red t-shirt. He is holding up a packet of Ontbijtkoek and wears a quizzical expression.

Sunday 4th April 2021 – Autistic at Times of Covid-19: Autistic and… Dutch?

UPDATE: 31/05/2021A friend contacted me with a few notes about their points, which I unintentionally misrepresented. I apologise for a. making that mistake and b. taking so long to fix it. I will amend the points changed with italicised additions. Hi everyone, Hope you’re all enjoying Easter/Pesach or, simply, an excuse to have a quiet...

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