Monday 20th June 2022: Pride Season! New! Flash! Written While Tired.

Hi everyone, Hope you’re doing ok. I was trying not to write this blog as I’m a bit exhausted, but I couldn’t not. My brain wouldn’t allow me to switch off otherwise. It’s going to be a bit shorter than usual, for that reason. So today, I’m going to give the latest news! Bad Gays...

Picture of a relatively sunburned Jorik looking at a pinwheel, with crossed eyes.

Monday 13th June 2022: Pride Season! Autistic in Queer Spaces

Hi everyone! Happy Pride once again! I hope you’re well! I had a lot of fun last Monday talking to Edinburgh University Press. However, the event at Bristol SU didn’t happen due to the organiser catching Covid – no problem at all. There’ll be others. I didn’t lose the chance to have lunch with my...

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