An image of a grey pluche kangaroo, being held by Jorik in a café next to Fosse Way School. His name is Kevin (of course it is).

Monday 4th April 2022: Autistic and on Holiday 1/2 – THEN SOME OTHER STUFF OCCURRED!

Hi everyone, Sorry for being a bit early off the mark for this week’s blog – but since last week’s one was delayed and next week’s one is not happening I thought I’d give you a blog on the Sunday. I was going to write about holidays. You know – the nice fuzzy cuddly kind...

Monday 17th January 2022: On Public Speaking and Showbiz Anecdotes

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all well. I’ve had a very busy week, doing lots of teaching, lots of admin, lots of meetings. My computer is still slow as molasses, so that’ll be on the list of “things for Jorik to buy.” Today, I’d like to talk about public speaking, specifically in the autism field....

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