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Writing is my safe space. Words allow me to make beautiful things, express my thoughts and change the world.

I have been writing and performing for fifteen years. I trained as a writer, actor and performer in the Netherlands; performed and taught stand-up comedy for nearly a decade and use my experience as a performer in various ways, such as teaching public speaking skills to autistic and neurodivergent people. I have written articles about comedy and theatre for and


Set in 1930s Holland, through a wide-angle lens to the world from a deliberately autistic perspective, Teeming shows how autistic lives have made an impact on the world at large. Frank and Sara’s minds take centre stage; stimming, echoing, falling in and out of love, radicalising and learning to survive in a world that doesn’t even have a name for who they are. Their story, set in a rural world on the brink of modernity, is placed against that of Marinus van der Lubbe, whose actions make him the centrepiece of historical machinations completely out of his control.

Teeming was selected for Penguin Random House’s Write Now-workshops 2018. I finished the manuscript in November 2020. The second and third books in the Nature trilogy (name TBC) will follow soon.

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Feeling Fast and Slow

I was asked to write a book based on one of my blogs by Jessica Kingsley Publishers. For more about Feeling Fast and Slow, have a look at the announcement on my blog:

For more information, please contact Lisa Clark at Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

Other non-fiction

I am currently writing a blog, on this website. I have also written about autism and neurodiversity for Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust and the Autistic League. I have also written for other organisations on neurodiversity, such as IATEFL. If you would like me to write for you, please contact me at